Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion – Concert review

Snoop-Dogg lion


Concert Review

Artist: Snoop Dogg/ Snoop Lion

Date: Thursday 5th June 2014

Location: 02 Academy Brixton

Concert Review

I usually love concerts at Brixton academy because there is a lot of space and an AMAZING decline towards the stage so you can see better the further away you are. This was not the case tonight! Once I was scanned in, I was met by a crowd of people that stretched as far as the eye could see. It was good for the artist of course as he could see the amount of support. Little moi had to retreat to a corner with my notepad and make do with what I could!!

Support Act

I came in during Wretch 32′s set,  wish I could have seen more but from what I could get he is a great UK artist as you can see that he;s truly grateful for the chance he has been given in music. He performed his first UK number ‘Don’t Go’ later recalling that he wrote the hit while living in Tottenham before he was famous and never imagined it would have made it this far. The Grime and UK Rapper raised in East London has worked his was up from underground to the mainstream, holding onto the respect he deserves. He closed his set with ‘Traktor’ in which he featured a Drum and Bass mix for good measure :D

Main Act

Just after 10pm, the DJ started playing songs to get us in the mood for Mr Doggy Dogg himself and the vibe so was nice in there it didn’t take long. Fans young and old, hardcore or newbies spanning across all races in random clouds of ‘wacky baccy,’ it was clear to see Snoop had the love. Greeting with an image representing his new found Rastafarian preference, he tall, lean presence soon graced us to the beat of ‘Here comes the King’ taken from his latest album ‘Reincarnated’. Over the past few years Snoop has got his touch with his spiritual side and found comfort and understand as a Rasta. Documented in a short film by the same name, we see Snoop Lion as he has been renamed, venture deep into the Jamaican hills seeking acceptance into the faith and embracing the culture.

On a whole I was intrigued to see how this new found religious aura would fit with the Gangster we all know and love and to my surprise it works well. Of course I can’t say the depth of the changes but from the outset, he is still true to himself as a musician yet never forgets to spread the knowledge of Rastafari. Even though he has received criticism since becoming a Rastafarian, I’m happy to see Snoop mature as a person and try to promote positivity in such a violent world but it would be sad to see him take advantage due to his inhaling preferences.

Before long we were taken on a musical journey back in time where Snoop made sure we were given all sides of the artist. With tracks like ‘The Next Episode’, ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, ‘P.I.M.P’ , ‘Signs’ and ‘California Girls’ he catered to the mainstream audience and gave the hardcore fans songs like ‘Mary Jane’ , Gin And Juice’ , ’2 Of Amerika’s Most Wanted’, ‘ Who Am I’ and ‘Murder Was the Case’.

With a career spanning back to the 1990′s Snoop Dogg is a veteran in the entire HipHop world. Born Calvin Broadus Jnr, he has a love for American Football (he also coaches Little League teams now) but as many others growing up in Long Beach at that time, the call of the streets was louder. After brushes with the law in his teens years, Snoop and his close friends formed the group ’213′ and began to make history. Other 213 members were his cousin the late Nate Dogg and rapper Warren G.

Affliations with the Crips gang and close ties with rappers such as Dr Dre and the Late Tupac Shakur, Snoop kept his love for music out there, connecting with the reality of street life as well as his love for women and marijuana. The past 20 years have seen Mr Doggy Dogg go from strength to strength with numerous collaborations yet still trying to battle through encounters with the law. Snoop was famously banned from entering the UK following an incident at Heathrow Airport from 2006 until 2010. Matters were resolved and in 2011 Snoop Dogg played a concert in celebration at Brixton Academy (WHICH I WAS AT!!)

Fast forward to tonight, the concert was full of positive energy and good vibes as we began to see the ‘reincarnation’ of Snoop Dogg as he progressed into Snoop Lion. He closed the show with his happy go lucky anthem ‘Young, Wild and Free’ before reminding us ‘to smoke weed’, as you do!!( Each to their own!)

It will not be a quick change as he has 20 years of archives to bring with him. The man we saw tonight, with his neat dreads and smooth dance moves, whether you refer to him as the Dog or the Lion, Snoop is still the man!!!

I would be shocked if you didn’t know at least 1 of these songs but here is your homework!

Enjoy xoxo

Wretch 32 feat Josh Kumra – Don’t Go

Snoop Dogg – Who Am I (What’s My Name)

Snoop Dogg feat Pharrell – Drop It Like It’s Hot

Dr Dre feat Snoop Dogg, Nat Dogg and others – The Next Episode

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa feat Bruno Mars – Young, Wild and Free
















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Skepta feat the ‘Boy Better Know’ Collective – Concert Review

DISCLAIMER: The headline act of this event was originally supposed to be rapper Cam’ron however due to unforeseen circumstances he cancelled right before his set was due to begin. Luckily I managed to get there early enough to see Skepta perform so I will be doing a short review on his performance. I am not connected in any way to the events surrounding Cam’ron nor the comments circulating social media.




Concert Review

Artist: Skepta feat Boy Better Know Collective

Date: Tuesday 3rd June 2014

Location: The Forum, Kentish Town

Concert Review

The Forum is one of my favourite venues as they have utilised the space and allowed me to have a perfect spot where i can watch the show comfortably without being squished! (Shout out to my Scottish V.I.P company for chilling with moi!, Lovely to meet you both!)

DJ Manny Norte was the DJ in charge of keeping the vibe going and man did he do a good job. I loved the way he mixed it up between UK and US music. A home-grown audience loved the authentic mix we were raised with!

At around 9pm we were pleasantly taken into the world of UK grime in the name of Skepta and as my vision cleared I saw he was accompanied by his crew ‘Boy Better Know’. The crowd gave him a great welcome considering the atmosphere and before long, Skepta reminded us why he is a legend in the UK grime scene.

Born Joesph Adenuga, Skepta started on the underground garage scene early after finding his love for music and performing. From 2006, Skepta has grown from strength to strength, taking the UK music scene higher and higher, keeping the ‘Boy Better Know’ artist collective close by his side. Not limited to UK grime, he has also ventures into UK hip-hop and displays cultural influences from his Nigerian background.

Hits such as ‘ Doin It Again’ and ‘Icey’ amongst other classics kept everyone bubbling hard and we even had a surprise performance from Meridian Dan who did his current smasher ‘German Whip’ complete with JME and Big H dropping their verses live.

As he was only scheduled as a support act, Skepta was pushed into a timeslot and couldn’t maximise the time but managed to pull off an amazing snippet of his talents. I’m not as into UK music as I should be however this set showed me that the UK has a lot to offer and reminded me of the start of UK grime.

Skepta ended the slot with his latest banger ‘That’s Not Me’ feat his brother, co-founder of ‘Boy Better Know’ rapper JME

To conclude, the quality of this performance could have been it’s own show and a lot of people respect Skepta for his performance tonight. He kept his act true to himself, bringing the majority of his collective on stage with him to experience it with him. Whatever happened tonight it would not have been fair to music if I had dismissed such a great UK artist.

As usual, it’s note taking time peeps


Duppy (Doin It Again) – Skepta feat B.B.K and Others

That’s Not Me – Skepta ft JME

German Whip – Meridian Dan ft Big H and JME























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Musicalize presents Eve and Lil Kim – Concert Review

Eve and Lil Kim

Artist: Eve and Lil Kim feat guests

Date: Friday 22nd November 2013

Location: Indig02

Concert Review

I arrived to the venue just before the main support act graced the stage. Radio 1xtra’s Ace and Vis made sure the crowd were warmed up ready to get the part started.

Krept and Konan are a UK hiphop act from South London making their mark on the music scene. They did a very well received set and no doubt these MOBO award winners will continue to grow and develop in the industry. I’ll include a link to one of their hits below to educate ya 😀

So onto the main acts…..

Firstly i must say that this is up there with one of the greatest concerts of my life, (and i have been to looooads!) not only because it was 2 of my favorite artists but for me it was amazing to see the support of 2 female rappers who have been in an out of the limelight for years, still carry the torch strong as ever.

First out, was Ruff Ryder’s first lady E-V-E, rocking an all black outfit complete with thigh high boots and a white chinchilla scarf (i think…) she exploded onto the stage with ‘Ruff Ryder’s Anthem.’ The crowd went absolutely loco and it was full steam ahead from there. With a bit of crowd interaction, Eve dropped some old classics including ‘Rock You’, ‘Rich Girl’ and the award winning ‘Blow Ya Mind’ as well as some new tracks from her upcoming album, Lip lock, definetly worth checking out when it’s released!

Eve a.k.a Eve Jeffers burst onto a male dominated hip hop scene in 1999 after a entering the scene as a vocalist with various hits and collaborations as well as a brief signing with Dr Dre’s aftermath Records. She found her feet with Ruff Ryders and became the woman we all know and love. With albums ‘Let there be Eve…. Ruff Ryder’s First Lady’ and Scorpion, Eve gave a female edge to a gritty genre where women where often degraded and put down, she wasn’t having any of that! And we love her for it!

Closing her set she invited a few lucky ladies up on stage and instructed us all to raise a hand as we all proceeded to ‘Shake our Tambourines’ . I couldn’t have imagined a better show from her as she kept it real as well as showed us how far she has come as an artist.

And to my delight…. THE NIGHT WASN’T OVER YET!!

After an interlude with Ace and Vis, we limbered up nicely to be graced with royalty herself, the infamous Lil Kim a.k.a Queen B. Once the theatrical curtains dropped, the stage was set with to Royal Guards, stood to attention (THE WHOLE SET!!) as she created a london-esque vibe on stage.

The live band in the background then began to play her hit ‘Whoa’ and then out of nowhere, dressed in her own ‘Royal Guard Uniform’ Lil Kim burst into action to our delight. She is definitely true to her name in stature but WOW she is nothing small!! With each song she interacted with us, enjoying every moment. It is very rare that you see a rapper actually enjoy their set and sing along to the music instead of just perform. I mean we do pay to see them but they are people too!

Kimberly Jones, a Brooklyn native, began her career on the streets of New York where she rapped to escape her reality and eventually her talents led her into the path of infamous rapper Notorious B.I.G. A controversial relationship with the rapper exposed her to a new lifestyle and she eventually joined his crew Junior M.A.F.I.A and her notoriety grew from there. Her 1st solo album ‘Hardcore’ broke all kinda of rules with an explicit cover and full of sexually charged lyrics that blew the heads of audiences worldwide, it was the beginning of the Queen B we know now.

Inspired by Diana Ross early on in her career, Lil Kim has never failed to wow us with some showstopping outfits that will go down in Hip Hop history. Her most famous Lilac ‘one boob dress complete with nipple cover flower’ was recently worn by Miley Cyrus for Halloween showing that her image is timeless, however daring!

She took us way back to the beginning with hits like ‘Drugs’, ‘Magic Stick’ ‘Crush on You’, ‘How Many Licks’ which threw the crowd into a frenzy. She was still the fierce woman who all knew and loved and we could genuinely feel the love she brought to the stage. Another side that was coming through was her vocal ability as a singer, as well as ‘Lady Marmelade’ she gave us covers of Rihanna’s classic ‘Man Down’ and in homage to her hometown Alicia Key’s ‘New York’. Now we knew she could hold a tune but her singing is coming along nicely.

Mid Set she brought out a new Artist by the name of ‘Tiffany Foxx’ (every bit as Foxxy as her name!) Wwo performed a few tracks with Queen B. She recently signed to Lil Kim’s IRS label so expect to hear more from Ms Foxx soon.

Probably my fave part of the set was when she did her Dancehall inspired song ‘Lighters Up’ and made us all do a verse accapella along with her. Needless to say there were some painful silences but she was determined to teach it to us and 3rd time round we all got it and she continued with the track, lit up by lighters and mobile phone lights.

After thanking everyone for coming out, including D – her hairstylist and The CEO Girls her dancers, straight outta London! she closed the show with ‘All About The Benjamins’.

Overall both women made my dreams come true and did themselves justice tonight. In a time where Us artists are touring the UK more it is so good to see old school hip hop still remember us and come over.

As always peeps here are some classics to enjoy!


Eve – Tambourine

Lil Kim – Lighters Up

Krept & Konan – Don’t Waste my Time

I love this town too, Dizzee!

love london graff

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was my leaving party for i left for my Mexican adventure in August 2011, the garden and house where filled to the brim as my heart desired. There was food, drink, music and general good times everywhere.

In conversation with my cousins and friends, i checked my Blackberry (As you do… ALWAYS!!) and i saw a few ppl had changed their DP (display picture, come on keep up!) to a burning police car in the middle of the road.

My 1st thoughts were ‘is that real?’ and ‘where is it? because i recognized it as a London police car.

As the world know today it was the start of the infamous London/UK Riots.

The endless images of delinquency even shocked my global eyes, i mean how are people CARRYING PLASMA TV’S down the street in dozens and other’s treated ‘reputable sports outlets’ like some kinda of flea market.

A question that quickly arose was ‘Where were the authorities?’

By the time the authorities made a stand, the riots had spread citywide and starting to ignite across the country. For that whole week it was almost like the UK was entering a social meltdown.

The news reporters were all over the place trying to catch the latest looters or vandals in action. For me, it was a haze as at times i felt like it was movie.

It was only until for some reason i decided to go out on one of the nights with enforced curfew (Don’t ask lol), was on a bus and saw an entire riot squad walk past me, it dawned on me ‘This is capitalist insanity’.

I have many theories on the cause of the riots but i will not divulge as i feel i don’t want to stray off blog.

Fast forward to present day, Nov 2013

Was flicking though the music channels and i came across Dizzee Rascal’s new video ‘Love this Town’ ft Teddy Sky, it’s very rare i catch a video from the start so i planted my bootay and feasted my eyes.

For those who don;t know him, Dizzee Rascal is an award winning, UK urban artist who managed to break into mainstream in UK grime which over the years has brought him global recognition. Coming from a controversial background, many critics questioned his direction however over 10 years later, no-one can deny he is one of the UK music’s National Treasures. Youtube him, you won’t regret it!

The video is a cinematic masterpiece with such a controversial yet honest message i rewound it a few times and just watched the story unfold.

During the 2011 London/UK riots, one of the most documented cases was that of an young man who was clearly injured being surrounded by a group of young men who while seemed helping him, began robbing him of his belongings. The video, which was shot in broad daylight on a CCTV camera, shows the man was dazed and believed they were helping him which made it harder to watch. The criminals were caught and convicted however as many other events, it did not help the image of young people or ‘hoodies’ as some ‘stereotype sheep’ call them.

I personally was disgusted by the case as it was obviously done for thrills because they saw the chance and were running of the adrenaline that filled the streets of London at the time.

Dizzee magically managed to incorporate this heart wrenching scenario in his music video and change the dynamics by changing the plot. While watching i couldn’t guess what the video was going to commence with however i was not disappointed.

Re-enacting the scenes from the infamous crime footage, instead of robbing the young man, the surrounding ‘hoodies’ are filmed packing his bag with snacks before sending him off into the day. It was a subtle change but spoke volumes as did many other juxtapositions in the video.

The message behind the video is working towards rebuilding the connection between society and youth as mainstream media are making young people out to be a terrorist organisation of some kind…..

This post and moi are in full 1000% support of Dizzee Rascal’s recent outburst against UK radio as many stations who originally praised and welcome the London born artist have now turned their backs on him and refusing to play his new song.

I was personally shocked that Radio 1 had an issue with the track as it does not in any way incite violence however they have many other artist’s content played daily that many would consider to be ‘risqué’ and have not considered action.

It is very shallow to treat Dizzee with such disregard as he has brought so many good things to the UK music industry not to mention uniting music fans and genres in general.

It goes to show that when shit gets tough, you see who is real and who is not. Companies who play peek – a – boo with content red tape should know that we need to change society and music is one of the most powerful speakers.

By not playing ‘Love this Town’, it’s almost like you are condemning youth and not giving them a chance to show that everybody is different even if they follow the same popular culture.

So Dizzee, if you ever read this, keep up the good work, we got your back!

Here is the video that is a window into a chance to change youth stereotypes that some of UK radio is trying to stifle…

1Xtra Live – London

Concert Review: 1Xtra Live – London

Artist: Tulisa, WizKid, Angel, Kendrick Lamar and Trey Songz

Date: November 12th 2012

Location: 02 Academy Brixton

With 3 more UK dates ahead, this annual event kicked off in London at the sold out/ limited ticket venue in Brixton in London to celebrate the music of BBC’s urban station: 1xtra. Hosted my DJ’s Mister Jay and Trevor Nelson live on air, we were in for a treat as the show keeps going from strength to strength in more ways than one. We had DJ CJ Beatz  and DJ Semtex keeping our blood going in the intervals to make sure we kept boredom out. The show ran on time and each act did 1xtra proud.


The UK urban music scene seems to have a love/hate relationship with singer/rapper Tulisa and it was evident at the show tonight. Various times when her name was said she got a bit of ‘stick’ but thankfully as time went on on she came out the crowd warmed up to her. Giving us some of the old N’Dubs Classic and mixing in some of her new stuff (including a wicked DubStep mix), Tulisa is here and not letting the haters get her down at all.

Here is one of her hits for those who don’t know her:


This London singer/songwriter has been on the scene for a while jotting hits for artists such as JLS, Cheryl Cole and Roll Deep and he has now finally broke onto the scene with his own music. He currently has 2 mixtapes on the underground and we are awaiting his debut album to see what the British Bangledeshi artist has saved for himself.

I will leave you with his smash hit from this year:


Hailing from Nigeria this young fresh artist is one of the biggest stars making waves within AfroBeats. He has been in the music world since the age of 11 in his home country however managed to break international waters over the past few months with hits such as ‘Holla at your Boy’ and ‘Gidi Girl’. The AfroBeats and Azonto phenomenon has taken Britain by storm and WizKid is definetly riding the waves like a pro.

Enjoy one of his hits :

Kendrick Lamar 

One of the headliners for tonight was one of 2012 biggest artists Kendrick Lamar. From the musically infamous Compton L.A Kendrick has managed to take us back to a time when HipHop was real and full of flow and definitely gave us a performance tonight. With songs from his Breakthrough album ‘ M.a.a.d City’ He never failed to impress, keepin it simple in a black hoodie and his unique flow, the audience loved every minute of it.

The song the got us all on our feet:

Trey Songz

The eagerly anticipated gave us a night of his hits from past and present giving fans what they want: Trey! He came on and did an impressive set considering he had a short set to squeeze it all into. The Virginia born singer is not a stranger to the UK and even though he has a UK tour in early 2013 we are grateful he decided to do this show for the listeners. He broke a few hearts when he threw his hat and vest into the audience.( i’m sure there was some pulling going on between fans who caught them!!) However all in all, he as Trevor Nelson said he is a true artist that never lets us or R’n’B down. With cuteness like that, can’t complain!!

He closed the show with this banger:

All in all this show is for the fans and it stays true to its meaning. The limited tickets ensure that you get a high quality, high energy exclusive show based on your love of music and clicking speed rather than ticket prices. I hope this event continues well into the future as it gives the UK a nice combination of everything urban. Make sure you stay tuned in for the upcoming shows on 

Thank you 1XTRA!!!


Azealia Banks Concert Review – Birmingham October 5th


Decided to give  a voice other HipHop fans that i know are passionate about music so i gave my cousin Mr J Nicely the chance to review the Azealia Banks gig in Birmingham. Here it is:

“Azaelia Banks concert overall 5.5/10. I think the fact that she is fresh on the scene was the main contributor as to why her show wasn’t great. The saving grace was that it was £12.50 + bf so wasn’t a lot of money but to those who traveled a long way it was certainly not worth it.

The doors opened to the public at 6:30 and she did not come on stage until 9pm. I did not get to see the supporting acts so I’m not sure how good they were.

After her long awaited wait to come on stage she only performed for 40 minutes and barely said bye to the public without even doing an encore.

One aspect that I think ruined her actual performance was that after every song, she kept either coming off stage or talking to the DJ and telling him what to play and then she would tell the audience what songs she’s performing next instead of leaving them with that element of surprise when the first intro comes in.

However, the positive was that her rapping was on point and her performance was vibrant and full of energy which the crowd reacted to.”

My Opinion

For those who don’t know, Azealia is a relatively new artist to the music scene in England so this review of the concert is to be expected as she might not have felt her fan base is as established as it is. She hails from New York, U.S.A. A student of the famous LaGuardia High school of Performing Arts in Manhatten, she knew from an early age that music was her thing. A very promiscuous and turbulent childhood inspires the themes are lyrics that are being played all over the world. She recently won a NME and a billboard awards from her album ‘1991’ and mixtape ‘Fantasea’ both released in 2012. Even the wife of UK Prime Minister Samantha Cameron is a fan of the female rapper. Check out the article below:

Samantha Cameron talks about Azealia Banks

She is an amazing lyricist and will only go from strength to strength. She has a gig in London coming up so lets hope she gets her show on point by then. You must have heard her hot track ‘212’ but if you haven’t here it is and for everyone else, refresh your memory!!!

and her latest release ‘1991’

Be sure to check out her album ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’ due for release in February 2013.

Review by Mr J Nicely

Blog by Aic3la