Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion – Concert review

Snoop-Dogg lion


Concert Review

Artist: Snoop Dogg/ Snoop Lion

Date: Thursday 5th June 2014

Location: 02 Academy Brixton

Concert Review

I usually love concerts at Brixton academy because there is a lot of space and an AMAZING decline towards the stage so you can see better the further away you are. This was not the case tonight! Once I was scanned in, I was met by a crowd of people that stretched as far as the eye could see. It was good for the artist of course as he could see the amount of support. Little moi had to retreat to a corner with my notepad and make do with what I could!!

Support Act

I came in during Wretch 32′s set,  wish I could have seen more but from what I could get he is a great UK artist as you can see that he;s truly grateful for the chance he has been given in music. He performed his first UK number ‘Don’t Go’ later recalling that he wrote the hit while living in Tottenham before he was famous and never imagined it would have made it this far. The Grime and UK Rapper raised in East London has worked his was up from underground to the mainstream, holding onto the respect he deserves. He closed his set with ‘Traktor’ in which he featured a Drum and Bass mix for good measure :D

Main Act

Just after 10pm, the DJ started playing songs to get us in the mood for Mr Doggy Dogg himself and the vibe so was nice in there it didn’t take long. Fans young and old, hardcore or newbies spanning across all races in random clouds of ‘wacky baccy,’ it was clear to see Snoop had the love. Greeting with an image representing his new found Rastafarian preference, he tall, lean presence soon graced us to the beat of ‘Here comes the King’ taken from his latest album ‘Reincarnated’. Over the past few years Snoop has got his touch with his spiritual side and found comfort and understand as a Rasta. Documented in a short film by the same name, we see Snoop Lion as he has been renamed, venture deep into the Jamaican hills seeking acceptance into the faith and embracing the culture.

On a whole I was intrigued to see how this new found religious aura would fit with the Gangster we all know and love and to my surprise it works well. Of course I can’t say the depth of the changes but from the outset, he is still true to himself as a musician yet never forgets to spread the knowledge of Rastafari. Even though he has received criticism since becoming a Rastafarian, I’m happy to see Snoop mature as a person and try to promote positivity in such a violent world but it would be sad to see him take advantage due to his inhaling preferences.

Before long we were taken on a musical journey back in time where Snoop made sure we were given all sides of the artist. With tracks like ‘The Next Episode’, ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, ‘P.I.M.P’ , ‘Signs’ and ‘California Girls’ he catered to the mainstream audience and gave the hardcore fans songs like ‘Mary Jane’ , Gin And Juice’ , ’2 Of Amerika’s Most Wanted’, ‘ Who Am I’ and ‘Murder Was the Case’.

With a career spanning back to the 1990′s Snoop Dogg is a veteran in the entire HipHop world. Born Calvin Broadus Jnr, he has a love for American Football (he also coaches Little League teams now) but as many others growing up in Long Beach at that time, the call of the streets was louder. After brushes with the law in his teens years, Snoop and his close friends formed the group ’213′ and began to make history. Other 213 members were his cousin the late Nate Dogg and rapper Warren G.

Affliations with the Crips gang and close ties with rappers such as Dr Dre and the Late Tupac Shakur, Snoop kept his love for music out there, connecting with the reality of street life as well as his love for women and marijuana. The past 20 years have seen Mr Doggy Dogg go from strength to strength with numerous collaborations yet still trying to battle through encounters with the law. Snoop was famously banned from entering the UK following an incident at Heathrow Airport from 2006 until 2010. Matters were resolved and in 2011 Snoop Dogg played a concert in celebration at Brixton Academy (WHICH I WAS AT!!)

Fast forward to tonight, the concert was full of positive energy and good vibes as we began to see the ‘reincarnation’ of Snoop Dogg as he progressed into Snoop Lion. He closed the show with his happy go lucky anthem ‘Young, Wild and Free’ before reminding us ‘to smoke weed’, as you do!!( Each to their own!)

It will not be a quick change as he has 20 years of archives to bring with him. The man we saw tonight, with his neat dreads and smooth dance moves, whether you refer to him as the Dog or the Lion, Snoop is still the man!!!

I would be shocked if you didn’t know at least 1 of these songs but here is your homework!

Enjoy xoxo

Wretch 32 feat Josh Kumra – Don’t Go

Snoop Dogg – Who Am I (What’s My Name)

Snoop Dogg feat Pharrell – Drop It Like It’s Hot

Dr Dre feat Snoop Dogg, Nat Dogg and others – The Next Episode

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa feat Bruno Mars – Young, Wild and Free
















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French Montana – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: French Montana + Support Acts

Date: Monday 2nd December 2013

Location: Indig02

Concert Review

From the atmosphere outside the venue, i felt i was going to be a good concert but i didn’t expect such diversity and support for the main act, French Montana.

The venue was quite empty early on in the night as people were slowly arriving asking the question that would theme the night: When is he coming on stage????

Thankfully there were a few support acts who came on to fill the time and i want to say the quality of support acts in definitely getting better from UK artists. Was nice to see a variety of UK urban talent showing love and they built a vibe in there to warm up the stage nicely.

1st of the main support acts tonight was a grime MC called Ghetts formerly known as Ghetto. Outta East London, he burst onto the stage in a lyrical frenzy that literally ignited the place, there is something about UK music that will never leave us no matter how many American artists we see. He gave us the classics ‘Artillery’, and ‘Sing for Me’ along with other mixtape hits. I personally loved his set and i’m just getting into the UK garage scene so was a nice snippet of what to expect.

Lady Leshurr took the form of support act number 2 and this lady did not fail to delver in the slightest. Birmingham should stand up and represent for this young lady, who controversially declined an American record deal, wanting to stay true to her dreams. She got the crowd movin n jumpin and finished off her set with a syllable perfect freestyle/cover of Chris Brown’s ‘Look at me now’ (YES, SHE DID BUSTA’S VERSE TOO!!! CRAZY!!).

The next part of the line up took me by surprise and i’m not gonna lie, it took a while to warm on me. MC Mr barz from decided to host the UK Barz Battle on stage with a few rounds to mix things up an to be honest it was ok but not exactly good timing. People were restless and wanting to see French so the MC’s didn’t get an easy time at all. Eventually support did come through and after 2 rounds (1st over the ‘Pound Cake’ instrumental freestyle and 1 Acapella), the crowd decided that Osama should be the winner. Quite right too, that man is raw talent!!

So now for the main event!!!!

After another interval party brought to us by Alize and HotSteppah from Choice FM, it was finally time to see the Coke Boy himself.

Dj in place and entourage strategically placed on stage we heard his infamous trademark ‘Haaaaaaaaaan’ (Sound, not word lol) and the crowd went berserk! He came out and started as he meant to go on. Full of energy and just the right amount of swag to keep it cool. In general the crowd were mainly Moroccans who came out to support their boy however it was good to see the mixed crowd getting into the thick of it. Even throwing water and moshing at random times(I was not involved!!)

Born and raised in Morocco, French Montana was raised in a typical North African family unit, speaking Arabic, French and English to name but a few languages. After relocating to South Bronx, NYC in early teens, Karim Kharbouch was introduced to US Hiphop and began rapping and recording mixtapes to get his name out there. He had successful series called ‘Cocaine City’ that caught the attention of the rap industry very quickly. After building up his name he was signed to Akon ‘Konvict Musik’ but after the deal didn’t work out, he finally found his home with a joint venture between P Diddy’s Bad Boy Label and Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group. He then proceeded to release various mixtapes Including ‘Mac and Cheese 3’ to keep his voice out there before moving onto his feature. Both legendary rappers Diddy and Rozay helped produced his 1st album ‘Excuse My French’ which was released in spring 2013.

Back to the show, dressed in all black, French never failed to impress us jumping from fresh hits like ‘Freaks’ feat Nicki Minaj, ‘Pop Dat’ feat Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne and ‘Stay Scheamin’ feat Rick Ross and taking us back to classics like ‘9000 watts’, ‘Ocho Cinco’ and ‘Chopper Down’ He also ran through most of his collaborations with the likes of Meek Mill, Fabolous and to my surprise we even got a guest cameo from his rumored girlfriend rapper Trina, as they performed ‘Tic Toc’ together. She looked goooood!! lol

He closed the show with his show stopping hit ‘Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin’ which was controversially covered by Miley Cyrus. The crowd went crazy and as the crowd leaked out of the venue someone started a random rendition in the foyer and before i knew it i was singing along with around 50+ others like we were on stage!! (Good Times!)

Overall it was a really good show, French Montana definitely made sure he left a good impression in London and i think he was shocked at exactly how much support he had out here, looks like he will be back at some stage in the future. The whole line-up tonight was incredible and even though we had to wait a long time for the main act, they entertained us well.

As usual, here are the links to educate you!! Shout out to CT and the security team at the venue! Didn’t forget y’all!

Here are the links to educate ya as usual!! xoxo

Trey Songz – Concert Review

Trey Songz


Concert Review

Artist: Trey Songz

Date: Thursday 31st January 2013

Location: Hammersmith Apollo

Support Act: Bluey Robinson

Handed the review pen over to another blog friend of mine who gave her personal spin on the London show of RnB superstar Mr Trey Songz. I have seen this artist at least 3 times so i thought it would be interesting to get a fresh point of view. After reading her review, check out JayBee’s blogs and get involved!! heres a link to her page :


The show opened with Bluey Robinson serenading the crowd with his beautiful angelic voice and soon after UK artist Angel took to the stage in a comical bulletproof vest. Why he was wearing a vest no-one knows – after all it was an RnB show full of chicks!

Bang on time like clockwork Trey Songz took to the stage at 9. Opening up with one of his biggest club bangers ‘Say Ahh’. The girls went crazy, the screams were deafening  Three girls actually fainted from the excitement and had to be carried out. But Trey was just getting started….

We were treated with hits after hits from ‘Can’t help but wait’ to his many collaborations including the steamy ‘Can’t get enough’ with J Cole.

After that the stage went dark and Trey Disappeared. In his place we were greeted with a video of him preparing for a seductive night with a mystery lady. And we knew that we were in for a hell of a ride.

He then popped up topless and sang all his greatest love songs from ‘Neighbours know my name’, ‘Invented Sex’ and his newest sexual song ‘Dive in’. The ladies melted.

The show was fantastic and Trey Songz definitely got the crowed on his side. The sensual nature of the show was to be expected but one that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Imma about to Dive in now and say goodnight.


My Opinion

For those who don’t know this young man has been on the music scene for a while gracing us with pure, honest, R’n’B music. At times he does describe some of the worlds deepest fantasies to a catchy bass-line but there is no denying the man can sing!!

From Petersburg, Virginia, USA Trey Songz has been one of the most humble artists of our times as he never forgets his overseas fans and makes an effort to give back and show his appreciation. He even has a community foundation project movement called ‘Angels with Heart‘ where he uses his success and fame to give back to various communities and people in need.

A lot of people are very critical as Trey often uses his dashing good looks and sex appeal to cause palpitations across his audience and many feel that he would not have been as successful if he looked different. In times like these, everybody is using their attractiveness for something but when it comes down to it, you will not have longevity and respect in your field if that all your bringing to the table. And after 5 studios albums and close to 10 years in the ‘game’ Trey Songz has long proved the haters wrong.

Its almost as if this once shy singer still hasn’t come to terms with his rise of fame and somehow understands the need to remain part of the ‘normal’ world despite his success. With collaborations with artists such as Fabolous, Nicki Minaj and Drake there is no denying that Trey Songz is here to stay.

I will leave you with one of his most successful songs to date

Enjoy! xoxo




Big Sean – Concert Review

Concert Review

Artist: Big Sean

Date: November 26th November 2012

Location: 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Support Act:

K Koke

For those who are not in touch with the turbulent life of UK rapper K Koke will be surprised to hear that he has been signed to Jay-Z’s ROC Nation Record label for a while, however delayed due to a stint in jail on suspicion of murder, ( he was acquitted on all charges) , he is finally back out and ready to show the world what he is about. His reception from the crowd was kind of strange as he came from the same struggles as a lot of US rappers rap about yet, the London crowd didn’t give him a lot of love back. He is one of the few that came from the gritty side of London life that has managed to take his skills and sign to one of the world’s most acclaimed urban record labels. The road is never easy and i wish K Koke all the luck in the world because he is refusing to let the hate settle.

Here is his latest song:

Big Sean 

This Detroit native packed out this intimate venue to a performer’s dream. He is not a stranger to the British stage but this gig was something special as he recently released his ‘Detroit’ mix-tape as well as his label ‘ G.o.o.d Music’  album ‘Cruel Summer along with Kanye West and other label mates. His high energy performance was at the max from start to finish. With the help of his DJ Mo’Beats he delivered all his best hits and collaborations to the crowds delight.

He made a point of connecting with crowd various times including a speech about following your dreams and celebrating what you have and working for what you want. It was a very inspiring moment as even though he does show off, we saw that he followed his dreams all the way the top and anyone can do the same. He also gave a few women serious palpitations when he jumped into the pit throwing himself around the front section, you could see he loved everything about what he does and isn’t afraid to give back.

Song’s like ‘I Do It’, ‘My Last’, ‘Burn  feat Meek Mill’, ’24k of Gold’, ‘Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay’ and ‘Mula’ had us all riding the beat, singing along and doing a simultaneous ‘sweeeeeerve’ (One of his infamous Ad-Libs) from left to right while he showed us why he belongs in the rap game.

Highlight of the show was definitely when he rocked ‘Clique’ and ‘Mercy’ from the Cruel Summer album that sent the hype through the roof and back again. Another classic moment was his club banger ‘Ass – feat Nicki Minaj’ which he performed along with the video pop up of Nicki’s verse, allowing the female fans to get involved while shaking their derrieres.

In a time when Hip Hop is being spiked with money and big booties, i’m happy to see someone who can enjoy the materialistic side yet still hold his own among some of the greatest in the rap game with his Natural Born Talent.

I’ll leave you with a few of his biggest hits:

Marvin and Chardonnay – Big Sean feat Kanye West

Ass – Big Sean feat Nicki Minaj

Clique – Kanye West feat Big Sean & Jay-Z


I agree Big Sean, even though its well overdue to many of your fans, you are Finally Famous…..