Pitbull – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Pitbull

Date: Saturday 3rd August 2013

Location: 02 Academy Brixton

Concert Review

First impressions were slightly biased as Brixton is quickly becoming my favourite venue. Its easily accessible, has just the right incline from the stage so everyone can see and is very roomy. (Even got my own spot, if your ever at the same gig as me im at the back right side of the stage by the bar, follow the fro and say hi!!! hehehe). Anyway back to the review.

Pitbull arrived in true style around 20 minutes late but it was a nice vibe in the academy as they had a DJ playing music to get us dancing and etc. The audience was a pleasant mix of cultures and styles. From the Latinos who come out to rep their Cubano to the new skool dance heads who never put their arms down the entire time! No drama, just straight fun times. Even saw a pair of little girls who were their with their families having the time of their lives, so cute!!

Mr 305 burst onto the stage complete with live band and started with an album hit ‘ Ohhh Baby Baby’ with warmed us up nicely. He kept up the tempo throughout the show, doing all his classic hits accompanied by a group of ‘high-leg leotard wearing booty shakers’ to keep the salsa flowing. Songs such as ‘Rain over me’ and ‘ Get on the Floor’ with artists appearing on video playback showed us why even though many people think he is chessy and robotic, we need Pitbull in our lives. At times i did feel like he was missing ‘another voice’ as he has done so many collaborations but he kept it moving by giving us the best snippets rather than dragging it out.

A Cuban America raised in Miami, Florida (305 refers to the area code of Miami) Pitbull made a name for himself in the rap game early on going on tour bringing Spanish and Rap music together. It was something that was well overdue as the two cultures almost dominate certain parts of the sunshine state. As he developed his sound he decided to delve into Reggaeton and Party Hits with bangers such as ‘Culo’ and ‘I Know You Want Me’, he also did his hit ‘ Shake Senora’ in which he paid homage to Jamaica for its influence. (I love that song because it’s in The Little Mermaid 3!!) Maturity and his love for music developed Pitubull into the artist he is today. An Intense, fun loving character who is proud of his heritage and not afraid to mix genres to get his point across.

A controversial point his Pitbull’s career was when he reacted musically a comment made by George Bush where he made a statement saying that anyone living in the U.S. should speak English and learn the national anthem. Being of Latino heritage he decided to stand up for his people and make a song called ‘ Nuestro Himno’, a song that would later become an anthem for immigrant rights.

Part way through he decided to take us back earlier in his career and do some of his urban hits that we know and love. He did songs such as ‘Culo’ and ‘Move, Shake, Drop’ however in my opinion he didn’t do the songs justice. The songs burst onto the scene at a time when Latinos were becoming musically global in a new genre and instead of embracing Reggaeton to the fullest, he put a rock backing behind the songs and almost hid that infectious ‘Perreo’ beat. As a fan of Pitbull from those days i do feel he should have kept it real regardless if his new fans knew him back then or not. WE DID AND WE LOVED IT!!!

He went on to perform his latest hits ‘Feel the Moment’ ft Christina Aguilera, ‘ and ‘Don’t stop the Party’ but the moment of madness came when he took of his glasses and adjusted his trademark suit to take us back to his magical worldwide number 1 smash ‘ Give Me Everything’. It is one of those songs where your inner soul starts to ache with happiness and you actually start to move involuntarily. I saw people crying, hugging, jumping and screaming, definitely a song of many emotions!!

In conclusion, a very good concert that ticked all the boxes for the newcomers to Mr 305’s world, for the people who remember him before the transition, it was a hard pill to swallow. Many people say he sold out and doesn’t do Latino music anymore and this concert was a slight demonstration of that. He spoke Spanish a lot and dropped a few salsa moves but all the Latinos in the house left looking a bit deflated. You can tell they wanted more from him. I’m happy i went to see him as he is an amazing artist but i don’t know if i would see him again.

Gotta be honest with y’all!!
Either way you gotta go once just to ‘Feel the Moment’
I’ll leave you with a flashabck and the song you will never forget.

Enjoy xoxo


Big Sean – Concert Review

Concert Review

Artist: Big Sean

Date: November 26th November 2012

Location: 02 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Support Act:

K Koke

For those who are not in touch with the turbulent life of UK rapper K Koke will be surprised to hear that he has been signed to Jay-Z’s ROC Nation Record label for a while, however delayed due to a stint in jail on suspicion of murder, ( he was acquitted on all charges) , he is finally back out and ready to show the world what he is about. His reception from the crowd was kind of strange as he came from the same struggles as a lot of US rappers rap about yet, the London crowd didn’t give him a lot of love back. He is one of the few that came from the gritty side of London life that has managed to take his skills and sign to one of the world’s most acclaimed urban record labels. The road is never easy and i wish K Koke all the luck in the world because he is refusing to let the hate settle.

Here is his latest song:

Big Sean 

This Detroit native packed out this intimate venue to a performer’s dream. He is not a stranger to the British stage but this gig was something special as he recently released his ‘Detroit’ mix-tape as well as his label ‘ G.o.o.d Music’  album ‘Cruel Summer along with Kanye West and other label mates. His high energy performance was at the max from start to finish. With the help of his DJ Mo’Beats he delivered all his best hits and collaborations to the crowds delight.

He made a point of connecting with crowd various times including a speech about following your dreams and celebrating what you have and working for what you want. It was a very inspiring moment as even though he does show off, we saw that he followed his dreams all the way the top and anyone can do the same. He also gave a few women serious palpitations when he jumped into the pit throwing himself around the front section, you could see he loved everything about what he does and isn’t afraid to give back.

Song’s like ‘I Do It’, ‘My Last’, ‘Burn  feat Meek Mill’, ’24k of Gold’, ‘Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay’ and ‘Mula’ had us all riding the beat, singing along and doing a simultaneous ‘sweeeeeerve’ (One of his infamous Ad-Libs) from left to right while he showed us why he belongs in the rap game.

Highlight of the show was definitely when he rocked ‘Clique’ and ‘Mercy’ from the Cruel Summer album that sent the hype through the roof and back again. Another classic moment was his club banger ‘Ass – feat Nicki Minaj’ which he performed along with the video pop up of Nicki’s verse, allowing the female fans to get involved while shaking their derrieres.

In a time when Hip Hop is being spiked with money and big booties, i’m happy to see someone who can enjoy the materialistic side yet still hold his own among some of the greatest in the rap game with his Natural Born Talent.

I’ll leave you with a few of his biggest hits:

Marvin and Chardonnay – Big Sean feat Kanye West

Ass – Big Sean feat Nicki Minaj

Clique – Kanye West feat Big Sean & Jay-Z


I agree Big Sean, even though its well overdue to many of your fans, you are Finally Famous…..

1Xtra Live – London

Concert Review: 1Xtra Live – London

Artist: Tulisa, WizKid, Angel, Kendrick Lamar and Trey Songz

Date: November 12th 2012

Location: 02 Academy Brixton

With 3 more UK dates ahead, this annual event kicked off in London at the sold out/ limited ticket venue in Brixton in London to celebrate the music of BBC’s urban station: 1xtra. Hosted my DJ’s Mister Jay and Trevor Nelson live on air, we were in for a treat as the show keeps going from strength to strength in more ways than one. We had DJ CJ Beatz  and DJ Semtex keeping our blood going in the intervals to make sure we kept boredom out. The show ran on time and each act did 1xtra proud.


The UK urban music scene seems to have a love/hate relationship with singer/rapper Tulisa and it was evident at the show tonight. Various times when her name was said she got a bit of ‘stick’ but thankfully as time went on on she came out the crowd warmed up to her. Giving us some of the old N’Dubs Classic and mixing in some of her new stuff (including a wicked DubStep mix), Tulisa is here and not letting the haters get her down at all.

Here is one of her hits for those who don’t know her:


This London singer/songwriter has been on the scene for a while jotting hits for artists such as JLS, Cheryl Cole and Roll Deep and he has now finally broke onto the scene with his own music. He currently has 2 mixtapes on the underground and we are awaiting his debut album to see what the British Bangledeshi artist has saved for himself.

I will leave you with his smash hit from this year:


Hailing from Nigeria this young fresh artist is one of the biggest stars making waves within AfroBeats. He has been in the music world since the age of 11 in his home country however managed to break international waters over the past few months with hits such as ‘Holla at your Boy’ and ‘Gidi Girl’. The AfroBeats and Azonto phenomenon has taken Britain by storm and WizKid is definetly riding the waves like a pro.

Enjoy one of his hits :

Kendrick Lamar 

One of the headliners for tonight was one of 2012 biggest artists Kendrick Lamar. From the musically infamous Compton L.A Kendrick has managed to take us back to a time when HipHop was real and full of flow and definitely gave us a performance tonight. With songs from his Breakthrough album ‘ M.a.a.d City’ He never failed to impress, keepin it simple in a black hoodie and his unique flow, the audience loved every minute of it.

The song the got us all on our feet:

Trey Songz

The eagerly anticipated gave us a night of his hits from past and present giving fans what they want: Trey! He came on and did an impressive set considering he had a short set to squeeze it all into. The Virginia born singer is not a stranger to the UK and even though he has a UK tour in early 2013 we are grateful he decided to do this show for the listeners. He broke a few hearts when he threw his hat and vest into the audience.( i’m sure there was some pulling going on between fans who caught them!!) However all in all, he as Trevor Nelson said he is a true artist that never lets us or R’n’B down. With cuteness like that, can’t complain!!

He closed the show with this banger:

All in all this show is for the fans and it stays true to its meaning. The limited tickets ensure that you get a high quality, high energy exclusive show based on your love of music and clicking speed rather than ticket prices. I hope this event continues well into the future as it gives the UK a nice combination of everything urban. Make sure you stay tuned in for the upcoming shows on www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra 

Thank you 1XTRA!!!


Azealia Banks Concert Review – Birmingham October 5th


Decided to give  a voice other HipHop fans that i know are passionate about music so i gave my cousin Mr J Nicely the chance to review the Azealia Banks gig in Birmingham. Here it is:

“Azaelia Banks concert overall 5.5/10. I think the fact that she is fresh on the scene was the main contributor as to why her show wasn’t great. The saving grace was that it was £12.50 + bf so wasn’t a lot of money but to those who traveled a long way it was certainly not worth it.

The doors opened to the public at 6:30 and she did not come on stage until 9pm. I did not get to see the supporting acts so I’m not sure how good they were.

After her long awaited wait to come on stage she only performed for 40 minutes and barely said bye to the public without even doing an encore.

One aspect that I think ruined her actual performance was that after every song, she kept either coming off stage or talking to the DJ and telling him what to play and then she would tell the audience what songs she’s performing next instead of leaving them with that element of surprise when the first intro comes in.

However, the positive was that her rapping was on point and her performance was vibrant and full of energy which the crowd reacted to.”

My Opinion

For those who don’t know, Azealia is a relatively new artist to the music scene in England so this review of the concert is to be expected as she might not have felt her fan base is as established as it is. She hails from New York, U.S.A. A student of the famous LaGuardia High school of Performing Arts in Manhatten, she knew from an early age that music was her thing. A very promiscuous and turbulent childhood inspires the themes are lyrics that are being played all over the world. She recently won a NME and a billboard awards from her album ‘1991’ and mixtape ‘Fantasea’ both released in 2012. Even the wife of UK Prime Minister Samantha Cameron is a fan of the female rapper. Check out the article below:

Samantha Cameron talks about Azealia Banks

She is an amazing lyricist and will only go from strength to strength. She has a gig in London coming up so lets hope she gets her show on point by then. You must have heard her hot track ‘212’ but if you haven’t here it is and for everyone else, refresh your memory!!!

and her latest release ‘1991’

Be sure to check out her album ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’ due for release in February 2013.

Review by Mr J Nicely

Blog by Aic3la