It’s Britney, Bitch!!

Anyone who knows me from school days knows that music was, is and always will be my life!! From going to as many live concerts as possible (Check out my review section) to religiously checking I had my trusty cassette player with me.

Growing up in London as black teenager, I was often judged for listening to pop music such as NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and Britney to name a few yet my room was plastered with HipHop and Dancehall legends. I was the embodiment of Eclectic and didn’t give a damn.

Developing into a woman I encountered and survived many a bad relationship and Britney was always one of the strongest glues that put me back together. There is seriously nothing like listening to ‘Stronger’ with a chilled glass on Hennessey and coke in both hands.

I even worked ridiculous overtime so me and 3 friends (Shout out to Jennifer, Krystal and Christy) could go and see her live, a frickin dream come true a thousand times over.

So when I heard Britney was doing the BMA’s 2016 I honestly wanted to sit down and take a minute to calm myself and remember the road is tough but I will make it.

We all remember Britney in 2007, hell I even referenced it when I was in my last semester of university trying to make word counts and find the right bibliography style. This young woman has come so far I feel like we were by her side the whole way.

This picture is somewhat freeing if not completely intriguing as we see a beauty of the modern world literally shave off the reigns of the media and celebrity norms.

If any woman, anywhere in the world can’t relate this this need to liberate and be one’s self then my dear, the wave will soon reach. I’m not condoning or praising Britney’s spontaneous balding sesh but as many people have yet to understand celebrities are people and sometimes they crash and burn just like us, but they too can shine again.

So this is for you Britney, thank you for showing us your crazy and getting back to the star you always were….










What are WE waiting for???

banksy change 2

What are WE waiting for???

In a world where are have been brainwashed into instant gratification, WHAT ARE WE STILL WAITING FOR TO MAKE A CHANGE THAT LASTS????

Growing up in London, as a young woman (I’m not bringing race into this) I was exposed to a lot of things that I didn’t know how to interpret yet didn’t have the time to make an educated decision because I was already present.

You can’t revise life like you do for an exam, more than likely you are going to be thrown into life situations that no-one can prepare you for at a times when you are most vulnerable.

Teenage years are one of the most compelling times in anyone’s life yet completing this era is becoming as endangered as rhinos in the wild.

We are told to grow up yet we are expected to know what to without being taught. Most people make an educated decision based on another person’s experience before finding unbiased information which has resulted in a us SURVIVING in a world gravitating to TAKE TAKE TAKE.

I am a woman so I will never understand the plights of boys or young men growing up but I will say that at some point in time we have to come together and create families which is scary because the values we have are all experience based without knowledge.

I’m sick of being scared for the sun to shine because there is a chance that young people will die due to street violence.

I love the sun so much yet the problems it causes breaks my heart.

I’m sick of being told not to have parties because the fear of the unknown visitor outweighs my want for happiness.

Not because I’m naive but because I don’t want to see any more bloodshed with my naked eye.

I’m sick of the media and statistics blaming young people for their failures as a social power.

How do you expect us to be inspired if our futures are plagued with debts? The amount of dirty money pumping through the system is disgusting. With rising property prices and over population, it’s sad to say the streets are holding too much value and people are dying for every single paving stone.

I was blessed enough to hear a short presentation by 2 young men using their lives to try and create a better future, they were not there to sugar coat life yet they were not being overly clouded.

They touched on the turbulent fight to have places where they could help elevate young people in basic life skills and the fact the our older generations have let us down by allowing problems to worsen by turning a blind eye. I was personally compelled to what they had to say, not because i had been through the same but I respect the reality that they put forward.

They weren’t trying to gain fans or rounds of applause, they fact they were still alive was applause enough to them.

We are told to respect our elders but respect is mutual and I was shocked to see the attitudes of some grown ups, if roles were reversed I know the discipline would have rolled right out. Sad because are they people who are supposed to set us an example…..

I managed to speak to both men afterwards and congratulate them on their successes, they are so humble and down to earth. I’m positive there plenty of other mentors and examples out there, who want a better present and past and with people like them trying to make a difference however small the change, it WILL come…..



Personal Thank you to Bilal and Robyn, Keep up the good work dudes. Inspiration to say the least.

Dress For Success – Support the cause!


On my recent travels to Cork, in Ireland i had the pleasure of volunteering for an organisation that affects every woman at some stage in life…. The dreaded career ladder!!
For the average Jane with her fresh suit and shirt and CV up to date, an interview is the first hurdle but for many women they face some of their hardest battles before they even reach the location.

My friend Miriam is currently doing a work placement with the organization so i was delighted to tag along!. The goodwill stint was based in a local shopping centre, armed with placards and company t-shirts, we assisted in a ‘tights drive’, the aim of the drive was to politely inform shoppers about Dress for Success and ask them to donate a pair of tights, bought a a popular retailer we were situated next to. These tights would then be passed onto women registered with Dress For Success who had an interview lined up yet lack the tools to present themselves professionally.

Formal wear donations, CV workshops and career advice are some of the services provided by this non-profit organisation aiming to get women into or back into the workplace. Whether women are returning to employment after having a family or stuck on how to get your career on the road, Dress For Success has the tools set up to support them.

Dress for Success is a global mission aiming to making the journey to employment a learning curve in a woman’s life and make sure she is confident and ready to start her chosen career. Started in New York in 1996, Nancy Lublin saw a niche in the market and using her inheritance, followed her passion and Dress for Success was born.

Overall this was an eye opener in various ways as it was admirable to see the amount of donations we collected on a Saturday morning from the general public (Over 200 pairs of tights!!) but also to see the interest in the organization itself. People mainly assume women know how to prepare for an interview so were very positive about Dress For Success and their cause.

I volunteered for Dress For Success Cork however the company is based all over the world including USA, UK, Europe and the Americas. If you get the chance, please do check them out in your city. F.Y.I Dress For Success London, it is lined up for a comeback, will keep you all informed.

Dress For Success

For the future of women in the workplace!!

xoxo (Thank you to M. Carmel O’Keefe for letting me jump on board as well!!)

(Image and weblink taken from Google)

Tissue Issues in Jamaica….

toilet roll

You clean your toilet correctly, practice safe sex and regularly shower or bathe so your private areas should be protected right…… Well maybe not so much.

A current socio-hygienic pandemic is spreading through the private parts of Jamaicans across the island as they are demanding that the Jamaican government release the brands of toilet tissue involved in this alleged health scare.

According to reports, a gynecological was worried about the amount of female patients she was receiving with similar complaints regarding their intimate parts and decided to draw the attention of BSJ (Bureau of Standards Jamaica) to investigate the matter further.

Much to her concern and the concern of millions of Jamaicans, at present four toilet tissue brands were found to have ‘high bacterial content’ which confirmed the gynecological findings and fears are the amount could rise. However to the dismay of the Jamaican people, the government have decided to hold onto the details of the suspected brands rather than in their opinions, give the people the information they need to protect themselves.

Now this is a very sensitive topic as you can see the warning flags fly up all over it!

We don’t know as yet whether the brands are national or imported but the Jamaican customs authorities have never had a standard measure for the testing of hygiene products in that way therefore if the cases are true and brought forward, Jamaica has no way to protect itself as they have been accepting these products for a long period of time without ‘specific’ regulations.

On the other hand from a business point of views, companies and convenience stores wanting the government to support them as the sales of this everyday product are slowly decreasing and if the names are released they will have a stock pile of accused unsold toilet tissues. It would make a big financial impact all across the island.

Another big scare is the sexual health aspect of the case, a number of male patients have come forward showing similar symptoms. Does this now mean that this was transmitted also through hygienic practices or could we have a new strain of STD?

Products such as FemFresh were a huge demand on the market for women who were irritated by the components in everyday shower gels and creams.
Toxic Shock syndrome is caused by a bacterial toxin that women are exposed to when using a type of feminine hygiene product and if left untreated it can have fatal results.
So it almost questions how a product as intimate as toilet paper was overlooked in regulations creation…

It is something that we have to address as a society as there are many victims in this case but it needs to find a solution and fast.

(This blog is purely based on my opinion)

Ostrich in a Penthouse….

Right now i feel like i can see over my dreams and wants in life but there is an invisible barrier rising between us. I have worked for many a crazy adventure in my life and managed to succeed in all that i have wanted to do. Whether it be going on holiday at least 3 times a year or working 4 12hour shifts over the Christmas period i have done it.

So now when i am approaching the biggest pause button of my life, i am starting to fill up with anxiety. I know that i will recover and get back to my normal self but 2013 is not looking the way i wanted. I want to do so much and then i remember….. Oh yeh im have been diagnosed with an illness and i have to take at least a month out for recover from surgery. It has sunk in but sometimes i remember and it annoys the hell outta me.

Got me here drinking a Rum and Coke on a Monday night…….

As much as people tell me i will be fine and i should just take the time out to rest. There is nothing worse that craving the lifestyle you know you can work towards. My faith in God is abundant but he has blessed me with such ambition that my soul cannot rest until i have set up a new adventure or planned another outing.

My heart knows that in the long run i will be healthier and better off but im so ready to work some serious hours, get my butt into the gym, start using separate face and body creams, actually combing out my afro every night and greasing my scalp and all other sorts of madness but then i have a flashback and sigh deeply cz i kno the worst is yet to come.

So yep Mr Ostrich in a Penthouse i too can see my peers through the windows, gliding at my side through life as they please and although we are all in the clouds, i too cannot fly……


Getting my ish together!!!

So after an emotional few weeks i can gladly say i’m feeling a lot better and am starting to get back to my normal crazy self. The health scare a couple of weeks ago really shook me up both physically and mentally and i had tiny meltdown because it dawned on me that i’m not in control……

Turning 25 was a milestone enough but now i have had 2 force my brain to catch up with my age and focus. Due to my many travels abroad i sometimes feel a bit left behind by society in terms of social aspects because it’s almost like i pick up where i left off before i left and no1 is still there.

One of the biggest things i have had to accept is that hardly any of my people go raving/clubbing anymore, they all have valid reasons for not going but for some reason my brain is refusing to play along. Not that i don’t spend my weekends doing anything else but i guess i don’t wanna grow up and things like that don’t compliment my ‘eternal PartyRocker’ dream!!!

I have my temporary job here that is funding my move to Honduras and spending time improving my nutrition and health these are what i need to focus my energy on. At times like this you realize what priorities are and even though i do miss the wild days with my friends i am just happy to spend time with them.

There is nothing like a hospital stay to scare the crap out of you and make you behave so just like a tazer when my body tries to plan a wild night out or 4 i remind it of the pain we survived and we soon reduce it to one mediocre wild night out!


Yep another insight into the mind of Aic3la.




Life has ripped my dream blanket into 2 pieces…..

You know when you think you have it all planned out. When you buy all you need n assign the extra pennies to savings. When you ACTUALLY call the bank to sort out your finances and rename your savingz account. When you find a website that has affordable flights for your next amazing career destination. Well that was me n now that bird fell out of a tree and broke 1 wing and 1 leg, stil concious but can only save one ….

I have known for a while something was wrong due to family medical history however i just took it in my stride n kept living my dreams.

In short, on Halloween, (yeh i kno!) i was admitted into hospital with severe abdominal pains which have now being diagnosed as fibroids. These are non-cancerous growths in the uterus that grow off female hormones. Many women never have any problems with or dont realise they have them. Some have children without any problems while other suffer years of pain trying and end up having a hysterectomy to have a better quality of life.
For many, including many amazing strong woman in my family, it meant booking days off work and literally crying in pain every month when ‘Flo came to town’.
I was aware i was likely to get it but it seems a simple urine infection threw my body into a panic n decided enough was enough.
The fibroids have spoken….
Im usually a super social, food loving, party rocker who loves booking a flight however this time in hospital has made me think of MY future and what I really want.
I always thought i would travel and then at some point meet my soulmate and then settle down to have some bambinos but now that im havin this reality check i may now have a unknown timer on my uterus…..
I suppose every woman (and most men) get to a stage when they have to plan their futures, whether they want kids or keep following their dreams.
We are in such a culture of multitasking that no1 has the mind to make 1 desicion and live with it (the day we get an ‘unsend email’ button, the world will go mad!)
But i wonder, and encourage you all to think about…..

What you would do if someone took your dream blanket away and gave you 2 options ‘Family or Career’ n the 1 you chose would be eternally blessed with opportunities and self fullfilment while the other fades into a distant dream.


On a brighter note i will be starting an international charity for support of Women with Fibroids in Central and South America. Any advice is welcome 😀