It’s Britney, Bitch!!

Anyone who knows me from school days knows that music was, is and always will be my life!! From going to as many live concerts as possible (Check out my review section) to religiously checking I had my trusty cassette player with me.

Growing up in London as black teenager, I was often judged for listening to pop music such as NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and Britney to name a few yet my room was plastered with HipHop and Dancehall legends. I was the embodiment of Eclectic and didn’t give a damn.

Developing into a woman I encountered and survived many a bad relationship and Britney was always one of the strongest glues that put me back together. There is seriously nothing like listening to ‘Stronger’ with a chilled glass on Hennessey and coke in both hands.

I even worked ridiculous overtime so me and 3 friends (Shout out to Jennifer, Krystal and Christy) could go and see her live, a frickin dream come true a thousand times over.

So when I heard Britney was doing the BMA’s 2016 I honestly wanted to sit down and take a minute to calm myself and remember the road is tough but I will make it.

We all remember Britney in 2007, hell I even referenced it when I was in my last semester of university trying to make word counts and find the right bibliography style. This young woman has come so far I feel like we were by her side the whole way.

This picture is somewhat freeing if not completely intriguing as we see a beauty of the modern world literally shave off the reigns of the media and celebrity norms.

If any woman, anywhere in the world can’t relate this this need to liberate and be one’s self then my dear, the wave will soon reach. I’m not condoning or praising Britney’s spontaneous balding sesh but as many people have yet to understand celebrities are people and sometimes they crash and burn just like us, but they too can shine again.

So this is for you Britney, thank you for showing us your crazy and getting back to the star you always were….










Dress For Success – Support the cause!


On my recent travels to Cork, in Ireland i had the pleasure of volunteering for an organisation that affects every woman at some stage in life…. The dreaded career ladder!!
For the average Jane with her fresh suit and shirt and CV up to date, an interview is the first hurdle but for many women they face some of their hardest battles before they even reach the location.

My friend Miriam is currently doing a work placement with the organization so i was delighted to tag along!. The goodwill stint was based in a local shopping centre, armed with placards and company t-shirts, we assisted in a ‘tights drive’, the aim of the drive was to politely inform shoppers about Dress for Success and ask them to donate a pair of tights, bought a a popular retailer we were situated next to. These tights would then be passed onto women registered with Dress For Success who had an interview lined up yet lack the tools to present themselves professionally.

Formal wear donations, CV workshops and career advice are some of the services provided by this non-profit organisation aiming to get women into or back into the workplace. Whether women are returning to employment after having a family or stuck on how to get your career on the road, Dress For Success has the tools set up to support them.

Dress for Success is a global mission aiming to making the journey to employment a learning curve in a woman’s life and make sure she is confident and ready to start her chosen career. Started in New York in 1996, Nancy Lublin saw a niche in the market and using her inheritance, followed her passion and Dress for Success was born.

Overall this was an eye opener in various ways as it was admirable to see the amount of donations we collected on a Saturday morning from the general public (Over 200 pairs of tights!!) but also to see the interest in the organization itself. People mainly assume women know how to prepare for an interview so were very positive about Dress For Success and their cause.

I volunteered for Dress For Success Cork however the company is based all over the world including USA, UK, Europe and the Americas. If you get the chance, please do check them out in your city. F.Y.I Dress For Success London, it is lined up for a comeback, will keep you all informed.

Dress For Success

For the future of women in the workplace!!

xoxo (Thank you to M. Carmel O’Keefe for letting me jump on board as well!!)

(Image and weblink taken from Google)